Thursday, February 19, 2015

haute couture moulage, draping at Christian Dior


Since I didn't get anyone to video me draping what I'm working on now I found this video to share with you the process.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Amateur designers wanting sewn mock ups.

This rant is for the local seamstress, tailor or home sewer that might be tempted to take on a lot of frustration, work for free, and still not be satisfied and feel like crap for taking on a job from amateur designers wanting sewn mock ups. It's always the ones who try to haggle you down to a slave, actually ends up being a loss, wage with promise of multiple piece orders from you. I can tell you it never happens.

For those of you looking for this slave labor and come across this blog I say educated yourself and don't expect something for nothing.

There is more than one blog out on the internet ranting just a bit on how loose pipe dreamers with no guts or CAPITAL (money) to hire a professional seamstress, dressmaker or tailor to make a mock up or prototype of 
their not fully researched nor thought out "design". If you want education on how to start a line that's different than to just start by sporting your design and getting market feedback from your peers. Do not expect a free education of hours from a professional without hiring them for such education. Here are three snarky examples of why you should hire them for this:

#1 You know nothing about it or you would've done it yourself.

#2 Wasting hours of a professional sewers time with promise of hiring them to produce them once you've attained a market for your "design" is a lie. It never happens. So don't expect to pay peanuts for a quality prototype piece, a pattern, specification sheets, and imagine a magical market for it with no work.

#3 Since you think you know something you will be arguing with your professional saying words like "stretchy fabric", "just" and "cheap". This is akin to whipping a slave. Pay them for this abomination.

My recommendation is to get the bag, garment, sample made up and use it. In the meantime you can experience any changes you would make to it and educate yourself on marketing and production. Otherwise you won't believe in your idea and it'll never happen. You obviously can't afford it and have nothing to believe in unless you've saved up at least a few "bills" (hundreds) to start your R & D. Most simple R & D for a super simple "just" and "easy" garment or accessory is over $700. Even if your professional garment designer, sewer, seamstress, tailor, pattern maker or developer does this all in a day turnaround know that it took their entire lifetime, as well as the lifetimes or their masters before them, to develop these skills and maintain a constant continual education on the fluctuating market.

It's been estimated that 90 to 97% of people are losers and only 10% of people will speak up when it's necessary.

Most professionals will not want to give you free information as you rant on and prove what an amateur you are. Please never expect education, even five minutes (they always pull at least 20 out of you) for free.

Fellow sewing professionals, or even home sewers, please take heed. You should never let anyone cause you to feel bad about yourself while you slave over these babies. Always charge a consultation fee. 

If you are a home sewer or old blind grandma who does it for free make sure they do slave labor in your yard, buy you some fabric of your choosing for your stash (Minimum 10 yard piece) or return the favor in some way in advance of you starting on their prototype. 

Honor needs to be insisted upon in advance as a boundary to be a real person. Even animals and plants know this. (LOL!)  Treat others as better than yourself and maybe you'll actually start loving yourself